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Hibernian Sweatshop Enterprises

Announcing Hibernian Sweatshop Enterprises. A new publishing and media powerhouse founded by Kilkenny resident/American expat rock musician extraordinaire John Murry and his Irish cohort, illustrator Stephen Morton. Born out of anarchy and rebellion, built to rail against the worn out old stalwarts and robber barons of the music and media industries, ripping off artists to fuel their Learjet trips to Cannes. We seek to burn them to the ground. In a figurative sense, of course. Probably.

Our launch titles include the highly anticpated "Sea Of Cortez" graphic novel by HSE Founders John Murry and Stephen Morton, and the new John Murry EP "John Murry Is Dead", both available for sale on this website.

Look for more from HSE to come. We're just getting started...